Practice night is Tuesday - 7.30pm.  We only practise on the days shown below.

IMPORTANT: During the current Corona virus pandemic we're meeting online, 7.30pm (UK-time - that's a 19:30 UCT/GMT start) on Tuesdays, for up to an hour, followed by a chat.  It's free of charge during the lockdown period and guests are very welcome! If you'd like to join us, send a message via this website and we'll email you the instructions how to join the conversation. Usually we post the link on this page before the rehearsal starts.

Next rehearsals:

Tuesday 18th May 2021  - sorry ... no rehearsal this week.
Tuesday 25th May 2021 - rehearsal details to be announced soon.

If you're new to Zoom, please try to sign up and set it up on your device before we start the rehearsal. It works on phones, tablets and computers.  Please set up your device and yourself somewhere quiet, where you have a bit of space to move around, and where you can see the screen whether you're sitting or standing. You don't need a microphone or camera on your device to take part in the rehearsal, unless you want to contribute to the chat afterwards. If you're on wi-fi, then you'll get a better/faster connection if you're near to the router.

Each session begins with some warm-up exercises for a few minutes and then we'll work on a piece. You'll usually see the music on the screen so you won't need any printed music, unless you're using a tiny mobile phone screen. Where possible, we'll provide links in advance to let you print the music, if you'd prefer it on paper. Finally, there'll be some time at the end for general discussion.

(During more normal times, our sessions are in the conservatory at The Fox and Hounds, Lulsley, WR6 5QT. Sessions normally run for 70-75 minutes, without a break, and the cost is £2 per session. Sometimes there's a discount if you pay for the whole term in advance.)

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