Community Choir at Alfrick

Community Choir at Alfrick

15 November 2022

Hello All,

Barbara, Helen, and I have had a meeting to discuss the future of the choir and very sadly we concluded that the only course of action was to formally disband the choir.

One of our assets is our keyboard, which was bought specifically for the Community Choir when Keith took over as conductor. It was decided that this should be made available for use by the churches of the WWRT, whenever needed.

There may be monies to be distributed, and if so we were keen that this should be distributed as follows:

1 A donation to the ‘old Benefice’ ie the churches of Leigh, Alfrick and Suckley in recognition of their support over the years.

2 In memory of Madeline Brewin who founded the choir, we think a donation to a charity named by Gareth Malone, whose ideas inspired Madeline to start the choir.
(the monies to be divided equally)

A big and very special ’thank you‘ must go to Keith who has worked tirelessly with undaunted enthusiasm over the years. Also our thanks go to Lucas who has given us unwavering support as accompanist.

Thank you both – we have enjoyed our singing, had fun, and thanks to The Fox and Hounds had some socialising as well!

With all good wishes to you all,

Barbara, Helen, and Jane


Singing is great fun, and various studies have shown that singing music is very good for our mental and physical health and well-being.

The Community Choir at Alfrick (formerly 'The Benefice Choir') was a fun all-welcome mixed-voice group of between 30 and 40 singers, founded by Madeline Brewin, which met on Tuesday evenings at various locations including Alfrick Church, Alfrick Village Hall and the Fox and Hounds Pub in Lulsley. There were no auditions, and no need to read music.

We worked with a professional accompanist and professionally trained conductor, but our sessions weren't expensive. The sessions, which were great fun, nornally ran for approximately 70-75 minutes without a break.

In addition to having a good time at our practice sessions, we also provided a service to the local community, singing at various functions, including concerts, garden parties, presentations, revues and at the occasional church service.


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