100 Years concert poster

100 Years concert poster

Come to our concert at Suckley Church, 7.30pm on Saturday 17th November 2018. Hear the first performance of The Cross, the third song which Lynn Norris has written for us, flanked by poems read by Ina Steele and Alan Matthews, and solos by Sophie Ruane, Arthur Bancroft, Jeremy Morfey and our accompanist Lucas Ball.

See the new wooden floor at Suckley Church, and hear for yourself how the acoustics have changed. Look at the future plans for Suckley Church, and see the church organ in its new position, awaiting reconnection.

There will be about an hour of music, and then plenty of time to eat, drink and chat to everyone.

Invite your friends! Email them the poster below, or click on it for a high-resolution printable version. Please help us to get the word out about this concert. For printing, we also have versions with two posters per A4 sheet and with four posters per A4 sheet.


100 Years - a concert by candlelight



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